Introducing the Doodle-App

As part of DoodleArt's 40th year anniversary, The DoodleArt World Team has created THE WORLDS FIRST ALL AGES COLOURING APPLICATION, bringing DoodleArt's exquisite detailed posters into the new digital era.

Try it and you will see thet we've delivered a first-class colouring application for the Apple iPad. Taking full advantage of the iPad's large screen and powerful processors, the Doodle-App brings you a whole new colouring experience. With a Five Level Undo Button, an intuitive Eraser (that automatically matches the size of your marker), One Hundred and Eight Colours, Auto Save and multiple other intuitive, friendly features, The Doodle-App really secures our postion as the Original and family-favorite Masters Of Colouring Fun. The Doodle-App allows you to Doodle on the go, requiring no more space than your iPad.

Each of the original nine full sized posters, including the recently released Pirate’s Treasure, and eight mini’s currently in print are available through the iTunes store for you to download and colour. These are teh very same drawings from the 70’s. The next edition of drawings is already in the works, and will be even better, being created especially for the Doodle-App.

You can have the Doodle-App FOR FREE along with the blank Doodle-Pad Drawing Page if you care to test your own creative abilities. If you are pleased with your accomplishment go ahead and share with your friends straight from the application itself. The Doodle-App has a built in publishing feature that allows you to post your Doodle-App colored posters straight from the app to E-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

You can purchase the Mini’s for $0.99 each and the full sized posters for only $2.99 each. If you have a trip planned or just want to relax, the large posters will keep you busy for over 70 hours of Doodling Fun, so Doodle away!

As you colour your poster you can share your work via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail, posting directly from your iPad with just one click. The DoodleApp gives you the option to include comments and descriptions when submiting to Twitter, Facebook or E-mail.