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The Original DoodleArt

DoodleArt Posters are now less expensive. We've lowered our prices and made DoodleArt 100% Canadian Made by removing the markers. Now you pay less and can colour using markers or coloured pencils of your own choice.

"Lady Of Feathers"

Lady Of Feathers: By Jennifer Stinenaugh

Click this link.
Lady Of Feathers is now available online.

DoodleArt is back!

You remember them as a kid – now, the Original DoodleArt is back!!

Our mission at DoodleArt is to bring colour and creativity to the world. In a high-tech, fast-paced society, DoodleArt offers a creative and relaxing way to unplug from the electronic world.

With over 60 hours of doodling fun per poster, DoodleArt makes a fantastic family activity, kids project or hobby for anyone of any skill level. Once completed your DoodleArt poster makes a great piece of art that can stand the test of time. All our posters are the original images that were so successful when they were first created in 1972. Don't be fooled by imitations, these are the Original DoodleArt.

We hope you enjoy your DoodleArt as much as we enjoy bringing it back!

WARNING: DoodleArt is habit forming and should only be attempted by compulsive Doodlers of all ages.

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